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A Why in 5 on how to be a LGBTQ+ ally

Looking for simple ways to start being a more engaged and active straight ally? Try using a few of these suggestions to build your ally skills and start creating change.

  1. Be open. Don't be afraid to talk about having gay friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances. Embrace the fact that they’re lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT).  If you think you don't know anyone who is LGBTQ, think again! Betty DeGeneres — Ellen's mom — made this comparison in her book Just a Mom: "Let me suggest that we all know someone who is left-handed. Lefties make up roughly the same percentage [of the population] as gay people. And yet millions of Americans say they don't know someone who is gay. Unless those people who claim ignorance are living in a place called Fantasyland, they are most likely mistaken." 
  2. Ask questions. Especially when you aren’t sure about the acronyms, terminology, or words to use when talking about your gay friends, family, colleagues, or acquaintances. 
  3. Become informed. Learn about the realities, challenges and issues affecting the lives of LGBT+ people through websites, books, documentaries, and educational materials.
  4. Speak up. When you hear derogatory slurs or jokes, like “that’s so gay,” say something – and don’t tell those jokes yourself. That language is "outdated and offensive."
  5. 5. Help your kids. Teach them about all different kinds of families. Be mindful of the day-to-day messages that they are receiving about gay and transgender people and issues in school, from friends, the web, and on TV.