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Pindar Wines needs to come to the bargaining table with farmworkers

Background: The workers at Pindar Vineyards on Long Island are the first farmworkers in New York State to unionize. They voted to join their union, Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW, in 2020, which is a part of Agricultural Workers United, and have been working towards their first contract ever since. The union is asking that Pindar Vineyards enter mediation in order to complete a fair contract and give the workers. Pindar is refusing to negotiate

Why is this critical? It took us, through the Justice For Farmworkers Campaign, over twenty years to get the Farm laborer Fair Labor Practices Act passed in 2019. This removed an exclusion that went back over seventy years to the New Deal, when farmworkers were excluded from protection when bargaining collectively in New York. Now they have that right. If the Pindar workers are successful in negotiating a contract it will send a powerful message to farmworkers across the State that they to can organize & form a union to improve conditions.

You are essential to this struggle Farmworkers have always needed and appreciated allies who join them in their quest for justice. Allies were essential in the grape boycotts of the California vineyards. Now we are being asked to return and support vineyard workers in New York

Call or write to Pindar Vineyards (contact below) and tell them:

  • Who you are , and what organization you are a member of.
  • You support the Pindar farmworkers and Local 338
  • You expect Pindar Vineyards to negotiate in good faith and immediately.
  • You can only purchase Pindar wines if they are a union label.
  • Best numbers to call Pindar:
  • (631) 734-6200 – Tasting Room and Winery (North Fork)
  • (631) 734-6200 ext. 104 – Direct Contact Number
  • 631) 331-7070 – Port Jefferson Pindar Wine Store 117 Main St Port Jefferson NY 11777

Please pass this on to others. We need hundreds of people reaching out.

Support our Campaign:

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