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Did you know? 

  • Yellow zone designation and possible testing in affected zones of our district can happen at any time if the uptick we have seen post Thanksgiving continues. Please know that at this point although we all as staff will be on the queue for testing that it is optional and the district will not penalize someone for opting out. You are allowed to use your own medical provider and give the test results that way as well. The metrics change daily but if we are  identified, 20% of the building in the geographic area or zip code needs to be tested. Testing will be provided by the district that accepts insurance and they will be in the building during the school day or after school appointments can be made for staff as well.
  • If you travel to a restricted area please understand that as of today the FFRCA rates expire this month and if your quarantine is because of your choice to travel, it is under the district's discretion to be allowed to telework in January as you follow the testing requirements and the days of quarantine.
  • Snow days are still snow days in Farmingdale as of now after a few discussions with the district admins. The state did approve the ability for districts to provide remote instruction on snow days but at this time our district has not opted in. Please know that because we have no buffer days on our calendar, any non instructional snow day is a loss of a contingent day on our calendar.
  • Article IV. B. 7 of our contract reads- 'No regularly assigned teacher shall be used as a substitute teacher except in case of emergency, it being expressly understood that the failure of a substitute to arrive on schedule or the inability to secure a substitute shall be considered an emergency".