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What a year!!! This was just my third year as FFT president and each year has been eventful for different reasons. My first year started with an expired contract, and I thought that was challenging. Last year, during my second year, I finally thought I was getting the hang of it so I had a positive mindset moving into this school year. I thought negotiations were going to be my most difficult task and then.....  

WOW!!!! This was the most difficult year for me as an educator, much less trying to do my best job navigating us through a situation that has never been before as FFT president. The idea of a global pandemic, remote learning, societal unrest, and a looming budget crisis definitely could not be imagined.

I once again send my condolences, and encouragement to any members affected personally by the virus, and I just want you to know that although we have all been dealing with what is happening in the world we are connected by the jobs we do and the students we love. If nothing, please take away from this year that you are essential as an educator. The public has seen firsthand and has a better appreciation for trained, certified teachers. Let's hope that appreciation and respect continues for a long time.  We are living in extraordinary times, but we can get through this together. This difficult moment in time is temporary and it will pass.

I encourage you to really take this summer break and try to reflect, and replenish yourself. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for resting. You deserve it. Have a good summer, and like Tabitha Brown says , "if you can't have a good one just don't go around messing up anyone else's."


I would also like to extend a special Congratulations to all our members retiring this year. We wish you the best. 

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