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Welcome back to another school year, FFT! I know we are all excited to be back and see our new class of students in person. I would also like to welcome the new members of our FFT family. Last week, we got to meet with them, give them FFT bags, and let them know about the union. When you see these new Dalers in the halls please welcome them with open arms. 

Next week we also celebrate a few important holidays. First is Labor Day, our holiday. This day celebrates all of the working people in the country and has been celebrated on the first Monday in September since 1882. On this day, we remember all of the hard work that past and current generations put in to fight for our rights. We stand on the backs of generations of teachers and union members who fought for an eight hour work day, weekends, and the professionalism of our job. Thanks to these people and to everyone who continues their fight, we are able to teach in safe classrooms and provide a decent living for our families. Happy Labor Day FFT!

For all of our Jewish members, next week is also the Jewish New Year. On behalf of the FFT we wish a Shana Tova to all! 

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