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Please remember to take advantage of your Union Member Benefits. There are discounts available for everything from If you are traveling and need to rent a car to mortgage and pet insurance discounts. Utilize these links and check out what’s available to you:  NYSUT Member Benefits. Also visit  AFT Member Benefits and NEA Member Benefits for additional savings.

Here’s an example: 

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To help NYSUT members a new member benefit was released this weekend. It is a free premium subscription to the Calm app or It provides access to guided meditations, sleep stories, nature sounds, content for children and more. You also get coverage for up to 5 dependents. All you will need to know is your NYSUT Member ID to register.


On May 2nd AFT is planning on offering another great discounted member benefit. It is an AI-powered technology to help members quickly locate potentially problematic posts on social media that could be damaging. The cost for a one-time scan is $45; an annual subscription is $96.50.