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Teachers' Unions often get a bad name. If you listen to charter school advocates like Michelle Rhee, Geoffrey Canada, and Betsy DeVos, you would think that these unions were the worst thing to ever happen to public education. Of course, UCOMM readers know the great work that these locals do. A new poll now shows that sentiments about teachers unions may be changing as well.

The new Rasmussen poll shows that approval for teachers' unions has risen by eight points since 2016. The poll shows 45% of people support teachers belonging to public employee unions is a good thing for our nation. The poll, which was conducted from April 4th-5th, comes at a time when teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky are striking and rallying for better wages and more education funding. It also comes just weeks after West Virginia teachers went on strike for similar reasons and teachers in other red states are talking about striking for better pay and more funding for their schools.

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