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We made it through September and it has definitely been a struggle for most of us. Without a doubt it has never been more challenging to be an educator than in 2020.

I am truly proud to be able to represent the teachers in this district because despite some extraordinary circumstances you have persevered. Everyday I've heard it said that many of us are working harder than ever before, while others feel like brand new teachers again. As we figure out how to navigate what instruction should look like during this time you have been compassionate and have shown kindness to one another, while also making unique connections with our students and reassuring them that things will be okay.

Now, more than ever, giving them a sense of connection, emphasizing safety, and providing a sense that we will all be okay is highly effective teaching. Thank you for continuing to make an effort because in this moment we are all students as we learn how to get this job done. Keep reminding yourself that we are 'restructuring and reimagining' what teaching and learning will look like. You are the ones leading through a crisis! Thank You again!

As I write this message it is World Teachers' Day and I didn't even find out about it until late this evening. Typical of a teacher's day to day life. Every moment is just so hectic that even when there is a day to honor us we are too busy to see or enjoy the recognition.

I do want to publicly thank the PTA chapters in all our buildings for the tokens of recognition last month, it was appreciated. We need to remember to join our building PTA as well as SEPTA to be a part of the association and to give support to the work being done for our students.

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