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Dear Members, as the 2021-2022 school year winds down I wanted to start my June message to you with a heartfelt thank you. As I take the opportunity to look back and reflect over the year I can say that it turned out much differently that I could have imagined. While it was absolutely another VERY challenging school year in many ways, it also showed me how strong we are when tested with even the toughest of times. There were some absolute rough patches as we continued to deal with the effects of the pandemic on both staff and students, political wars playing out in schools and more, but overall I close out this school year with pride as your FFT president and grateful for the opportunity to represent you. I want you to spend the majority of your summer prioritizing yourself, your family, and friends. While you are relaxing this summer and at some point before we return I’d like you to consider ways that you can make a positive impact and help strengthen our union. We need to focus more on fostering a feeling of community amongst each other, and without our collective efforts that can’t be achieved. We need to advocate for social justice for our communities, be proud of our profession, and be strong unionists. It takes all of us, not just the elected FFT members for this to be achievable. Lastly, I want to congratulate our FFT retirees in all 6 buildings. If you listen to them and all the lessons they have learned you will understand how quickly time passes and how grateful we should be for the experiences we have and the bonds we make. Thank you all again and please know that I value each and everyone of you and your contributions to making our profession and our union a respected one. Below are some very important things to pay attention to.