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We hear you! As the officers and the negotiations team members have been coming around to your building meetings we have heard from you that morale is low. I want to assure you that we don't take it lightly. We will continue to come and listen so that we can address and remedy some of the issues. I understand one of the biggest concerns you have revolves around the fact that we are continuing to work under an expired contract. I want you to know that the team meets regularly and we are making every attempt to represent your needs and settle a fair contract. With that being said we definitely need your help on this endeavor. To help boost morale, and also do some public service we will be attending the next district board of education meeting and making our presence felt. We will be donating to a local food drive to benefit families in Farmingdale. I will be speaking during the "Public Participation" segment of the agenda to highlight all the wonderful things we do as part of the Daler community and that we need to be treated with respect and consideration. Please make every effort to attend the meeting on November 1. The meeting will start at 7:45 PM. Make sure to save that date and look out for more information about 11/1 so that we show up in force to make it clear that we are unified! Thank you for continuing to be the most hardworking and professional teachers that I am proud to represent. #FFTUNITED