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Message from President, Cordelia Anthony 

Thank you for your activism shown in putting magnets on your cars, posting lawn signs in front of your homes, and returning the Constitutional Convention postcards to us. The cards were stamped and mailed out. We believe this personal message from you to your family and friends will inform and encourage them to get involved in this very important issue. 

Do not forget to go to the polls yourselves this coming Tuesday, November 7th, to vote "NO" on the issue of holding a Constitutional Convention (Proposition 1). Everyone is encouraged to bring a family member or friend when going to vote, getting as many people to the polls as we can that day is a big part of this issue going in our favor.  When talking to family and friends please consider the talking points below. Remember, propositions will be found on the back of the ballot so flip it over. Thank you for the continuing support of your union.

Click here to download the below talking points.

talking points

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