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This is the question that billionaires like the Koch brothers would like you to ask yourself. Try to learn about some of the gains that the FFT has made and benefits won for members over the years. Your union and its members fought hard for them, but they can disappear quickly if your union’s ability to effectively represent you is hindered or destroyed.

Many of the rights and benefits that you have now and do not want to lose are:

  • The right to collectively bargain for terms and conditions of employment
  • A defined work day and work year
  • A defined pension system
  • Salary schedules with defined wage increases
  • Employer-provided health care, dental and vision plans
  • Paid vacations, holidays, sick days, family leaves, bereavement
  • days, and personal days
  • Health insurance after retirement
  • Seniority protections
  • Stipends for extra-curricular activities
  • Right to representation at disciplinary hearings
  • Anti-discrimination protections
  • Grievance and arbitration procedures to protect against contractual
  • rights violations
  • Defense of tenure and due process rights

We Need You!
Keep our union strong! As untenured teachers, there are many union activities in which you can participate. Ask your Building Representatives or call the FFT office for more information. Just like going to a gym makes you stronger, actively participating in your union makes it stronger, too! Download the complete issue below.

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