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Here are some tips for making the end of the year, and the beginning of next year, easier to handle.

  1. Before you pack up anything, take a picture of your room. This will help you to arrange your space in the fall when you return to your classroom.

  2. Label a box “DESK” and put your personal items away in one place. In September, this will make you feel at home more quickly.

  3. Think ahead! Copy what you will need for the first two weeks of school. Be sure to put these copies in a safe place.

  4. Plan September bulletin boards in June. Hang up your border paper and backing, then cover them so they stay intact over the summer. Uncover them in September.

  5. Purge! Discard or give away any items you did not use this year and will probably not use again next year.

  6. The teacher next door is packing up, too. Share ideas and chat about plans for the summer vacation.

  7. Assemble a new “Teacher Survival Kit”. Put aside coffee money, Band-Aids, breath mints and any other supplies that will help you make it through the first few days when you re- turn in September.

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