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Our focus this month is on motivating students to think for themselves.
We all have that student who seems completely unmotivated, a student that may be very bright, but just puts no effort into his or her work. You may think that there is no chance of improvement for this student, but it is important for you not to ever completely give up on a student.

Advise your students that success requires goal setting. Certainly, students need some intelligence, knowledge base, study skills, and time management skills, but, without motivation, you will not get very far. Having students realize where they are and where they can be if they put in extra study time is very important. They need to reflect upon the amount of effort they exercise and the results they achieve from that effort. Remind them that even the best athletes must practice their skills.

Also, try to keep your students interested in the lesson. Interest and the desire to learn are important motivators for students. When you combine these two factors, you can create success. Vary your activities and lessons, have them watch instructional videos on YouTube at home, take notes, and then discuss the material in class. Try something new-flip your classroom, rearrange the desks-shake things up! Your creativity is limitless.

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