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Governor Cuomo recently announced that vaccine eligibility will be expanded to New Yorkers in category 1B - a group that includes teachers. Educators can start receiving their first vaccines as soon as Monday, January 11, 2021, a date that also promises to bring a newly-expanded range of distribution sites.

Please note, while teachers are now eligible, vaccination doses are subject to appointment and availability. So far, there has not been much availability at the sites that are being provided but check back frequently, they are continuing to update info. based on supply. 

The Governor indicated all those citizens that make up category 1B, a large group which also includes firefighters, police officers, and people over 75 years of age, could wait as long as April 16, 2020, to receive their first of two vaccination shots.

As such, we are encouraging our membership (who opt to get the vaccine) to be diligent in your efforts to get vaccinated. If NYSUT, FFT, or the district develops a vaccine protocol with a local healthcare provider, something we are actively working on, we will let you know.

NORTHWELL HOSPITAL is handling distribution across Long Island. Here is a link where you can book your appointment at one of their affiliated locations in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Manhattan, and even Westchester:

Click here for Northwell Hospital's Distribution Centers.

Vaccines are being given at the LI DUCKS STADIUM in Central Islip.

SUFFOLK COUNTY's Covid website is listed below, although it is a little more challenging to navigate and you have to search for appointments:

Click here for the Suffolk County COVID website.

The NASSAU COUNTY Covid Vaccine Site has been updated to include teachers. If you navigate to the bottom of the site to assess your eligibility, you will be taken to a list of facilities offering the vaccine.

Some staff have had luck securing a vaccination slot at Nassau Community College.

And the NYC Department of Health Covid website is helpful, too.


1) While your initial quest may yield "no available appointments," just keep hitting refresh. Persistence!

2) Make sure to bring proof of employment with you to your appointment. School ID, paystub, etc

When additional links are updated and live, we will post them on our website.