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COVID-19 rates are increasing. As of the day I am writing this we have been above 3% on Long Island for four days. I absolutely understand that views on this infection range from 'it's just another flu to it can be a death sentence'. I am just once again asking for just courtesy and respect to be exhibited by all of our members. Please understand that everyone's experience and everyone's personal and family health situation is not the same. Continue to be diligent about protecting your health, please wear your masks, remain socially distant and wash your hands. We do not want to see any infection rates increase that could cause us to become a community micro cluster and put us in the yellow, or orange classification. We also definitely don't want to end up with schools having to close if it is preventable. Please stay vigilant, if not for yourself but for your school family.  Here is an interactive link from the NYTimes with a COVID live tracker for the state.

Are you traveling for the holidays? 

Just a quick reminder of the message from the district to please share with your building administration your holiday travel plans, specifically if you will be traveling out of NY to an area that is on the travel advisory list. The state has new guidelines on what has to be done before you return and once you return. Here are the highlights:

  • Travelers Must Get Tested Within Three Days Prior to Landing in New York, Quarantine for at Least Three Days Upon Arrival, and Get a Test on Day Four of Arrival.
  • If Travelers Receive a Negative Test On Day Four of Quarantine They May Exit Quarantine When They Receive Negative Result.
  • States that are Contiguous with New York Continue to Be Exempted from Quarantine Protocol.
  • Travelers Who Were Only Out of State for Less Than 24 Hours Do Not Need to Quarantine but Must Get a Test on Day Four of Arrival Back in NY.
  • All Travelers Covered by The Advisory Must Continue to Fill Out Traveler Health Form Upon Arrival Into New York State.