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We are Sticking with our Union!! This is how we all feel about these 'emails' from our enemies. Our member Scott Karp's reply to them said it best:


Mr. Bellafiore,

What's to be gained by being part of a union? At its most base, my self interest: I pay about $1,500 annually in union dues. That's quite a bit of money, right? But what if, without unions and the collective bargaining they bring, my district decided to lower my salary $10,000 a year? Only a fool (or a very naive person) would opt out of a union. But don't you worry, Mr. Bellafiore- I will help educate new teachers about the benefits of the union. See, I'm a teacher. I help people to choose the smart decision.

And it's not just salary The union brings many benefits to us as teachers and the whole education community: Protection from those who may not always have kids' (or teachers') best interests in mind, dental care, eye care, representation as a group, collective bargaining, job security not left to the whims of someone who's never taught your area or (worse yet) never taught, not having to blindly follow the pedagogical flavor of the month, freedom to speak your mind, freedom to try new approaches, freedom to do what you know is best for students in a world that doesn't often seem to get it right. How much is all this and more worth to us teachers? Yeah, I'll gladly pay my union dues. And I'll advise others to do the same. I won't be penny wise and pound foolish. Union dues are a good investment in all teachers' and, by extension, our society's future!

Since you're so worried about us teachers being in a union, I would ask you this- Who exactly is New Choice NY? Your website strives to look official, but I bet that's where the lies begin. What is your angle? Who pays your salary? Your website claims to be " an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan effort to educate public employees in New York about their rights," but what's in it for you? Volunteering out of the goodness of your heart and your misguided perception of the malevolence of the union? You know what I think? I think you are a puppet organization of big business looking to make a profit from schools. You probably don't like hearing that. I'll tell you what- you mind your business and I'll mind mine.

-Scott Karp

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